Planter choices for either side of front door

Reclaimed/Recycled timber planters

1. Groundwork Wood Shed Recycled pallet planters

NB –They can paint it for us

“We can make a range of reclaimed planters at almost any size either from pallet wood, scaffold boards, reclaimed decking or a combination of materials. Prices start from around £45 for a basic pallet planter but really we would need some dimensions to give you an accurate quote. As we also run another CIC, gwk nursery, we can provide the planters filled with plants or trees of your choice.  If it would be helpful for someone to pop over and take a look then please let me know and we can make arrangements.”

Said would send through some other pictures but nothing received yet. Can be made in any shape, colour etc.  Contact Jack at Groundwork Wood Shed on 0191 2654845.



2. Newcastle wood Recycling CIC Planters

NB – Green one only – would be made to order – give dimensions you want.

However, no one has returned my calls yet, despite messages being left.





3. Recycled Oak Barrels – online company outside region


1 set of three small is £79.

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