Staff meeting minutes – 19 July 2017

Staff Meeting Minutes 19 July 2017

Chair – Sandra  Minutes – Lisa

Apologies – RW, AS, LCH

Minutes of last meeting – Agreed

Matters Arising – None

Achieving 80% distribution from donor funds

Sandra shared ideas on how to encourage more spend from donor funds which came from the Philanthropy Team meeting.  These are not for all funds but may help with those where meetings are difficult to arrange or more income to be spent out. Points raised were –

  • Sonia will send round end of June and year end reports showing balances on funds to all staff
  • Overspend on endowment funds needs to be carefully managed
  • Rob will be starting to send out good applications to be funded to our donors after the summer holidays
  • Where there are multi-year grants agreed we must use the multi-year grant materials and be careful about the wording so that grantees expectations are met and monitoring is done accordingly
  • Where financial information is excluded on assessments it must only be done on an informed consent basis. SK and MP will discuss this further and report back

Informal update

SM – has a Henry Smith visit to Action Foundation and there are some good applications to the Readman Poverty programme which will not all be funded so open for a steal after the meeting

VR – nothing to update

NS – got lost coming from new house in Fenham to work……..

MP – Vital Issues for Tees Valley & Co Durham done so moving onto Vital Signs.  Not to be used in assessment reports just yet.  Feedback emails will now be sent to grantees 3 months from date of grant award as a reminder. They get another reminder 1 month before it’s due.  If feedback is a month late they get another reminder which includes bank details to repay if they haven’t spent it by that point.

Mark has also created a database based on fims coding to be able to run reports of grants/groups around themes and also performance of grants.  It can show the best performing groups and will make the monitoring /audit reviews v important if we then use this to recommend groups to fund to donors or other funders etc.

JG – WTF meeting today, tour last week went well.  More IRs this week, then work on Platten Fund.

AL – Communications plan update – Rob has agreed contract with Gardiner Richardson to work on brand refresh by Sep board meeting, website for Vital Signs launch in Oct, during Aug/Sep they will write our comms pieces and then oversee us doing the same for the next 2 months, followed by 10 months of support including Yearbook, NE Philanthropy Story and 30th birthday.  They will also review our social media use.

IR – nothing to update (been to Texas drinking beer, eating tacos and making it back across the Mexican border)

SV – attended a good funding faire in Sunderland with Elaine yesterday.  Off on Kiln Pit Hill visits.

LC –  was guest speaker at Apna Ghar AGM yesterday – they are in need of running costs and so likely to apply to us.  I mentioned CV to them too.  Meeting with three PA firms outside of Newcastle week after next.  On leave next week.

KW – the Ambassadors event  at Comfrey Project is being moved to Sept to Scotswood NC Garden and will be open to donors too.  On leave for next 2 weeks.

ET – NCIF is now open and closes 18 Sep. 3 years core funding available up to £100k.  Confirmed we will manage this for  next 3 years. The Council liked the Impact Report. Crowdfunder has ‘spent’ £50k from that fund.  Doing a workshop with Chinese Community Association on using crowdfunder.  The team had a partnership planning session yesterday.  Meeting the US Ambassador with Adam and Northern Roots based around freedom city status.

GL – finishing off IRs.

DP – is doing e-reader IRs in Adam’s absence.  Conference details being confirmed and working on appraisals.

SL – Thanks to admin for help last week in getting IRs out. Met with Gill Watkin to agree some grants. Assessing coming up.

SW – Attending GDPR webinar from UKCF if it work sin boardroom, if not will watch the recorded version.

EH – various weeks holidays over the summer

PB – attended Vattenfall inauguration of the Ray wind farm.  On leave after today.

SP – nothing to update

SK – Reminder that the deadline for IRs is this Friday 21st July.  Meeting with the NE Philanthropy Story action group today.  Doing appraisals, considering Readman Poverty grants at staff panel and attending the North East Times summer drinks party next week as we are the charity partner and have paid for  a piece in the next edition of the magazine.

AOB – Katie reminded potato growers the deadline is end of next week to submit results/photos.

Jon to do minutes at next meeting.

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